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Guests visiting showroom display gratitude and expectation

Start Time:09:00 Nov 20,2015

End Time:17:00 Nov 20,2015

Address:1150 S. Milliken Avenue,Ontario, CA 91761, USA, Los Angeles, United States

Guests visiting showroom display gratitude and expectation Today's visit by future buyers shows a very good prospect. We gathered four possible clients today, November 20, 2015 at our showroom and warehouse in Ontario, Ca. The event went very smoothly and the clients were very impressed by our showroom. The day began by inviting our guests to a conference room where a presentation was to be given. First, there were introductions. We made sure everyone was familiar with each other. Then we went through a PowerPoint that highlighted the benefits of USA.

While gathering more knowledge on the potential buyers' businesses and troubles of sourcing from China, the major factors seemed to be a low MOQ, time spent to receive a product, and financing. We assured them that these were the exact points that MIC USA was working to eliminate.

From there, we went on to the showroom where they had a chance to examine products first-hand. LED lighting gained a lot of interest. They were astounded by the wide variety of products our suppliers are able to provide. One point that a potential buyer made was that he would like to be updated on which products are being sold quickly and in large quantities. I believe this is information we can receive from our suppliers and pass along as a regular update to our clients.

We ended the day back at the conference where we all shook hands and traded business cards. Follow-ups are to come in the future through email.