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Made-in-China.comUSA Opening Day

Start Time:14:00 Jan 20,2016

End Time:15:30 Jan 20,2016

Address:1150 S. Milliken Avenue, Ontario, CA 91761 USA, Ontario, California, United States

Made-in-China.comUSA Opening Day Made-in-China.comUSA kicked off 2016 with an exciting "Opening Day" event on January 20, 2016! Business owners from all over the Inland Empire and Los Angeles gathered at our US establishment in Ontario, California for an introduction of what high-quality products and services Made-in-China.comUSA provides.

Esteban Raposo, of the MICUSA'S marketing department, led an interactive discussion which included an introduction of buyers and the products they source and also presented the benefits of using Made-in-China.comUSA. Of course important questions were the leading topic of discussion. Does your company provide financial services? Does Made-in-China.comUSA also provide product inspection? Raposo, along with client services manager Floria Xie, proudly answered yes to all of these questions and our buyers were floored!

After a very extensive discussion, our guests were escorted around our office. "We also provide office sharing services for our Chinese suppliers if they are interested in expanding business in the United States" stated Xie. Made-in-China.comUSA currently caters to 3 Chinese suppliers at our facility.

Last but not least, buyers were escorted to our main attraction: our showroom and warehouse. Mike Eastmen, business owner of Joshua's Gifts, said that he was amazed of the amount of products and services Made-in-China.comUSA has to provide. "You guys got something big going on here" said Eastmen.

To say the event was a success is an understatement. Business owners were very satisfied with the information that they have received and also the suppliers' quality products. Made-in-China.comUSA is appreciative of every single buyer who made their way to our facilities and we cannot wait for the future clients we will see in the next opening day!